Spice it up

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Need a little something extra to cure those boring sandwich blues? I just found this today and it’s amazing:

Wasabi Mustard!

It adds a little kick to a boring turkey sandwich.

I also added spinach and onions.

No exercise for me today.  I was going to do a long run today and rest day tomorrow but I decided to switch them because I had a stomach ache this morning when I woke up.

Something to talk about: Budgeting.  Matt and I have decided to start budgeting more because we spend way too much money on unnecessary things. After we experiment with it for the month of June I will post on what has worked and what hasn’t.  How do you budget? Do you set limits on the amount you can spend on groceries, gas, etc for the month?

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Relaxing weekend

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This weekend was great.  I got a lot of school work accomplished as well as a lot of relaxation.

Saturday I did a five mile run in about 51 minutes.

After that I headed to school to do some work and then the BF and I went to Shephards in Clearwater for a little relaxation.

We went right at sunset and it was beautiful. I had a couple of pina coladas, a bud light, and a malibu bay breeze.

Sunday I went to the gym and busted out 30 minutes on the elliptical.  It ended up being a rainy day so Matt and I rented a movie. Boondock Saints 2.  It was horrible, which sucks because the first movie was amazing.

I started off memorial day with a two mile run. I really should be doing longer runs to prepare for the half in November.  We had a cookout with turkey burgers, baked beans, corn on the cobb, and pasta salad.

Today it’s back to work. 😦

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How to survive a 13 hour day and include exercise

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Sorry for the MIA. I have been super busy.

Here is a breakdown of my schedule

6:30 wake up, shower, take the pup out

7:30 Leave for work

8:30-4 Work

5-8:30 Class

How do you prepare for such a day?  Well I pack both lunch and dinner, school stuff, my work folder, and my workout gear.

Like my new book bag?  I forgot to check a pocket before washing my old one and got ink and gum all over it.  Smart, I know.

After class I try to squeeze in a gym workout or a run.  I had Thursday and Friday off this week so I was able to workout in the morning, which I prefer.

Friday I ran 4 miles and Matt set a new PDR of 3 miles!

This weekend we were hard at work beautifying the backyard.



Here is a cute picture of fang in the unfinished garden with a dirt mustache. So cute.

Dinner tonight was muy bueno.  We had a big, veggie packed salad, sweet potato fries, and turkey bacon wrapped chicken.

Off to watch the Season finale of Lost. 🙂

P.S. I should change the name to 14 to 2 because this weekend I fit into a size two…Woohooo.

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Guess what I got today?


The past two days I have been at my internship.  It’s been pretty fun so far and I’ve already written a press release.

For lunch I made a mexican pasta salad.

It included:

Whole wheat pasta


Green Peppers


Black Beans

Seasoned with: Olive oil, cumin, chili pepper, cayenne, and hot sauce.

Easy and yummy.

The view from work is beautiful and I get to enjoy it from my own office with a big desk.

Making time to workout has been super hard!  Monday morning I woke up at 5:20 and ran two miles then I went to work.  After work I joined my running group for a 4 mile run.

Today I was supposed to go to the gym this morning but I couldn’t open my eyes when the alarm went off so instead I went after dinner and did 30 minutes on the elliptical.

I tried to have the mindset of “I don’t have a lot of time so make the most out of it”.   I think it was the hardest I have ever worked on the elliptical..which is good.

Classes start next week which will put me at my internship from 8:30-4 and class 4-8:30 two days out of the week.  I’m afraid I will not have time to workout those days.

How do you make time to workout during the day when you’re super busy?

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2nd 5k.

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Last night I ran my second 5k.  It was 84 degrees with 65% humidity.  Miserable.  I still managed to PR, though.  I crossed the finish line at 28:00 according to my garmin.  The chip time should be a few seconds less.  My first 5k time was 28:10.  Running in the heat was miserable and I had to talk myself out of walking more than once.  This course also included 3 hills; 2 were long steady inclines and the last one was a steep hill. Hills are so challenging, especially when they are at the end of the race and you’re already tired.

I’m in the pink shorts.

After the race I won a 14 day free pass for spinning at a fitness club.  Can’t wait to use that.

The race was at 7 pm.  I think I prefer morning races.  They are cooler and I have more energy to run. The plus of a night race: beer at the end.

We stuck around because there was supposed to be a raffle after..we never saw it. 😦

For my pre-race meal I had ground turkey soft tacos with whole wheat tortillas, grilled veggies, and low fat sour cream.  It was good.

I start my first day of my internship tomorrow!  I’m so excited.  I am a little worried, however, about maintaining my exercise throughout the summer.  Internship + class = hardly any free time.

I should get my new computer this week!! Yayy.  I’m sure Matt will be happy that I won’t be stealing his anymore.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Last exam, cinco de Mayo, and a complete computer failure

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I have my last exam of the semester tonight!  I can’t wait to get it over with.  It should be pretty easy.

Instead of studying last night I met up with some other epi kids at a cinco de mayo party (many of which are also taking this exam tonight)

It was a lot of fun.

I needed the night out because I spent a good 2 hours crying yesterday afternoon. Why? Because my HPieceofcrap computer decided to completely crash after only having it a year and 3 months.  That combined with the fact that I absolutely have to have a computer to take my online exam tonight caused some stress yesterday…that and who really has the cash to just buy a new computer on a dime?!? Not a college student.  Apparently the CPU is f’d which means expensive to fix.  So instead of spending the money to get the crap fixed I decided to just spend a hundred or so more on a new computer.

I went with Asus.  I have been reading their reviews all day and they seem to be the most reliable.  I also got a 2 year warranty plan as well in case this happens again.  I got a simple computer with plenty of ram and memory plus a 6cell lithium battery which will be handy for those 3 hour long classes.

As for now, my boyfriends netbook will have to do for the exam…even though I need a magnified glass to see the screen.

I think I figured out what is different in Starbucks coffee.  I’m pretty sure they lace it with crack.  Hence my serious addiction.  Today was the venti  fat free caramel macchiato.  Divine.

I did a 2 mile run today, nothing special.

Mile 1: 9:06

Mile 2: 9:41

I am really bummed because I won’t have any of my old runs that were saved on my old computer on my new computer. 😦

It’s so humid even my shins were sweating and I’m not usually a sweaty person.  I need to get up before the sun comes up next time.  LOL

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1 down, 1 to go.

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So the exam I took last night was HORRIBLE!  It was nothing like we had done in class.  It was like at the last minute our professor wanted to change his teaching/testing style completely!  Don’t you love when that happens?

I had a 97.5% in the class before the final and only needed to get a 74% to maintain an A (90.5%).. even lower to maintain an A-.  Hopefully I got at least a 74% because I studied my ass off.

The next exam is online and hopefully won’t be as bad.

I got up at 6 this morning to go to the last spin class of the semester.  😦  That will be the last one I can do until fall because of my internship.  My internship is only about 15 miles away but that’s a good hour drive during rush hour in downtown Tampa.

After spin I made a Starbucks run to prepare for another full day of studying.

Light caramel fraps are soo good!  Lately they have tasted a little off, though.  Did Starbucks change their coffee??

Yesterday I bought a running shirt with a pocket!  I am so excited.  I found it on sale for $25 online…usually they are about $40.  I can’t remember where I bought it from though…

I am going to register for the Women’s Running Halfmarathon in November..eventually.  I know I should register for it now so that I get my butt in gear.  The longest I have run is 8 miles and that was about a 10:30 pace.

I always set high goals for myself and I want to run it in under 2 hours and ten minutes which means a lot more running and some speed training.  I have the registration sheet printed for a little encouragement but when I shell out the $90 it will probably be a little more effective in motivating me.

I ate cheerios before spin and had the Starbucks but I am still starving.  I’m going to go make something to eat and get back to studying.  What fun.

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First exam today.

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What is the best method for studying for a final?

Spread your stuff out everywhere so you don’t waste time looking through piles 🙂

Notice the camera whore at the bottom.

I am taking my first exam tonight at 5.  Wohoo. Who’s excited?

I really need to go get something for lunch because we have nothing here.

I guess I could always make something out of eggs, strawberries, and beer, right?

Yesterday was a 5 mile run at 9:56 pace.  Miles 1-2.5 were at about a 9:30 pace then it went downhill from there.

I signed up for a 5k in Lakeland for Saturday.  It’s a night race which should be fun. I just hope I can beat my previous time.. Lately I have just been trying to add distance, not increase speed.

Alcohol at the finish line?? We shall see.

I need get back to studying and end this procrastination break.

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Epic Breakfast

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Yesterday I did another 8 mile run and cut 3 minutes off of my previous time.  Not bad.

I was going to do speed work today but at 8 AM it was already hot as hell outside.  Heat wave in FL.

Today I am taking the pup to the vet for the second round of shots, possibly going to the beach, and doing A LOT of studying.  Boooo.

To make up for my calorie expenditure from the run yesterday and prepare my brain for a day of studying, Matt and I prepared this epic, blog worthy breakfast:

2 pieces of turkey bacon, 2 whole wheat pancakes with greek yogurt (honey) and strawberries, and 1 egg over medium.

All pulled together with a cup of hot Earl Grey Tea. Yummy.

I typically just eat a smoothie or cereal for breakfast so this was a nice change.

Is anyone else spending this beautiful day studying for exams?

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It’s THAT time of the semester… again

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Next week is that semester that drives most college students to binge drinking… That’s right, it’s finals week!  I have a presentation on Thursday, have to completely clean the other apartment and turn the keys in by Friday, have one final next Tuesday and one Thursday.  Then…..I am done for the semester.  However, the celebration won’t last for long because I start my internship the following Monday.

How do you survive finals week?  I have to admit, in undergrad when I was taking 18 credit hours a semester, finals week was a lot more stressful.  Now it’s not too bad.

Here is how I survive:

Plenty of caffeine

Exercise to relieve stress..and possibly some of that caffine

Yummy snacks

This thing:

And plenty of procrastination.  Right now being a prime example 🙂

Good luck to those of you taking finals! Don’t forget to throw in some exercise, drink plenty of water, and take a few minutes to breathe!

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