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How to survive a 13 hour day and include exercise

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Sorry for the MIA. I have been super busy.

Here is a breakdown of my schedule

6:30 wake up, shower, take the pup out

7:30 Leave for work

8:30-4 Work

5-8:30 Class

How do you prepare for such a day?  Well I pack both lunch and dinner, school stuff, my work folder, and my workout gear.

Like my new book bag?  I forgot to check a pocket before washing my old one and got ink and gum all over it.  Smart, I know.

After class I try to squeeze in a gym workout or a run.  I had Thursday and Friday off this week so I was able to workout in the morning, which I prefer.

Friday I ran 4 miles and Matt set a new PDR of 3 miles!

This weekend we were hard at work beautifying the backyard.



Here is a cute picture of fang in the unfinished garden with a dirt mustache. So cute.

Dinner tonight was muy bueno.  We had a big, veggie packed salad, sweet potato fries, and turkey bacon wrapped chicken.

Off to watch the Season finale of Lost. 🙂

P.S. I should change the name to 14 to 2 because this weekend I fit into a size two…Woohooo.

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Guess what I got today?


The past two days I have been at my internship.  It’s been pretty fun so far and I’ve already written a press release.

For lunch I made a mexican pasta salad.

It included:

Whole wheat pasta


Green Peppers


Black Beans

Seasoned with: Olive oil, cumin, chili pepper, cayenne, and hot sauce.

Easy and yummy.

The view from work is beautiful and I get to enjoy it from my own office with a big desk.

Making time to workout has been super hard!  Monday morning I woke up at 5:20 and ran two miles then I went to work.  After work I joined my running group for a 4 mile run.

Today I was supposed to go to the gym this morning but I couldn’t open my eyes when the alarm went off so instead I went after dinner and did 30 minutes on the elliptical.

I tried to have the mindset of “I don’t have a lot of time so make the most out of it”.   I think it was the hardest I have ever worked on the elliptical..which is good.

Classes start next week which will put me at my internship from 8:30-4 and class 4-8:30 two days out of the week.  I’m afraid I will not have time to workout those days.

How do you make time to workout during the day when you’re super busy?

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2nd 5k.

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Last night I ran my second 5k.  It was 84 degrees with 65% humidity.  Miserable.  I still managed to PR, though.  I crossed the finish line at 28:00 according to my garmin.  The chip time should be a few seconds less.  My first 5k time was 28:10.  Running in the heat was miserable and I had to talk myself out of walking more than once.  This course also included 3 hills; 2 were long steady inclines and the last one was a steep hill. Hills are so challenging, especially when they are at the end of the race and you’re already tired.

I’m in the pink shorts.

After the race I won a 14 day free pass for spinning at a fitness club.  Can’t wait to use that.

The race was at 7 pm.  I think I prefer morning races.  They are cooler and I have more energy to run. The plus of a night race: beer at the end.

We stuck around because there was supposed to be a raffle after..we never saw it. 😦

For my pre-race meal I had ground turkey soft tacos with whole wheat tortillas, grilled veggies, and low fat sour cream.  It was good.

I start my first day of my internship tomorrow!  I’m so excited.  I am a little worried, however, about maintaining my exercise throughout the summer.  Internship + class = hardly any free time.

I should get my new computer this week!! Yayy.  I’m sure Matt will be happy that I won’t be stealing his anymore.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Last exam, cinco de Mayo, and a complete computer failure

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I have my last exam of the semester tonight!  I can’t wait to get it over with.  It should be pretty easy.

Instead of studying last night I met up with some other epi kids at a cinco de mayo party (many of which are also taking this exam tonight)

It was a lot of fun.

I needed the night out because I spent a good 2 hours crying yesterday afternoon. Why? Because my HPieceofcrap computer decided to completely crash after only having it a year and 3 months.  That combined with the fact that I absolutely have to have a computer to take my online exam tonight caused some stress yesterday…that and who really has the cash to just buy a new computer on a dime?!? Not a college student.  Apparently the CPU is f’d which means expensive to fix.  So instead of spending the money to get the crap fixed I decided to just spend a hundred or so more on a new computer.

I went with Asus.  I have been reading their reviews all day and they seem to be the most reliable.  I also got a 2 year warranty plan as well in case this happens again.  I got a simple computer with plenty of ram and memory plus a 6cell lithium battery which will be handy for those 3 hour long classes.

As for now, my boyfriends netbook will have to do for the exam…even though I need a magnified glass to see the screen.

I think I figured out what is different in Starbucks coffee.  I’m pretty sure they lace it with crack.  Hence my serious addiction.  Today was the venti  fat free caramel macchiato.  Divine.

I did a 2 mile run today, nothing special.

Mile 1: 9:06

Mile 2: 9:41

I am really bummed because I won’t have any of my old runs that were saved on my old computer on my new computer. 😦

It’s so humid even my shins were sweating and I’m not usually a sweaty person.  I need to get up before the sun comes up next time.  LOL

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1 down, 1 to go.

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So the exam I took last night was HORRIBLE!  It was nothing like we had done in class.  It was like at the last minute our professor wanted to change his teaching/testing style completely!  Don’t you love when that happens?

I had a 97.5% in the class before the final and only needed to get a 74% to maintain an A (90.5%).. even lower to maintain an A-.  Hopefully I got at least a 74% because I studied my ass off.

The next exam is online and hopefully won’t be as bad.

I got up at 6 this morning to go to the last spin class of the semester.  😦  That will be the last one I can do until fall because of my internship.  My internship is only about 15 miles away but that’s a good hour drive during rush hour in downtown Tampa.

After spin I made a Starbucks run to prepare for another full day of studying.

Light caramel fraps are soo good!  Lately they have tasted a little off, though.  Did Starbucks change their coffee??

Yesterday I bought a running shirt with a pocket!  I am so excited.  I found it on sale for $25 online…usually they are about $40.  I can’t remember where I bought it from though…

I am going to register for the Women’s Running Halfmarathon in November..eventually.  I know I should register for it now so that I get my butt in gear.  The longest I have run is 8 miles and that was about a 10:30 pace.

I always set high goals for myself and I want to run it in under 2 hours and ten minutes which means a lot more running and some speed training.  I have the registration sheet printed for a little encouragement but when I shell out the $90 it will probably be a little more effective in motivating me.

I ate cheerios before spin and had the Starbucks but I am still starving.  I’m going to go make something to eat and get back to studying.  What fun.

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First exam today.

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What is the best method for studying for a final?

Spread your stuff out everywhere so you don’t waste time looking through piles 🙂

Notice the camera whore at the bottom.

I am taking my first exam tonight at 5.  Wohoo. Who’s excited?

I really need to go get something for lunch because we have nothing here.

I guess I could always make something out of eggs, strawberries, and beer, right?

Yesterday was a 5 mile run at 9:56 pace.  Miles 1-2.5 were at about a 9:30 pace then it went downhill from there.

I signed up for a 5k in Lakeland for Saturday.  It’s a night race which should be fun. I just hope I can beat my previous time.. Lately I have just been trying to add distance, not increase speed.

Alcohol at the finish line?? We shall see.

I need get back to studying and end this procrastination break.

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Epic Breakfast

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Yesterday I did another 8 mile run and cut 3 minutes off of my previous time.  Not bad.

I was going to do speed work today but at 8 AM it was already hot as hell outside.  Heat wave in FL.

Today I am taking the pup to the vet for the second round of shots, possibly going to the beach, and doing A LOT of studying.  Boooo.

To make up for my calorie expenditure from the run yesterday and prepare my brain for a day of studying, Matt and I prepared this epic, blog worthy breakfast:

2 pieces of turkey bacon, 2 whole wheat pancakes with greek yogurt (honey) and strawberries, and 1 egg over medium.

All pulled together with a cup of hot Earl Grey Tea. Yummy.

I typically just eat a smoothie or cereal for breakfast so this was a nice change.

Is anyone else spending this beautiful day studying for exams?

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