My name is Courtney and I am addicted to clothes.

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Hello Everyone!

It’s a dreary, rainy day here in Tampa which means no run for me :(.

I might go to the fitness center in the apartment complex later.  I feel like a total bum because I haven’t had any physical activity since Thursday.  😦

For lunch I had the spicy black bean burger from Morningstar.

I added sundried tomatoes, spinach, and a little ketchup and put it all on a whole wheat sandwich thin.  Delishhh

Matt and I have been trying to budget wisely for the past few weeks to ensure a comfortable, relaxed move into our new place.  We are moving in less than a week and have to pack sooo much more.  The good thing is we have a week overlapping our move in date and the move out date of this apartment so if we don’t get everything moved on Saturday when we will have the Budget truck at least we can still move during the week next week, too. While preparing for the move I have decided that I have a serious problem.  I am a hardcore clothes addict. Here is a peak into my walk-in closet.

That’s not all

See that chest of drawers back there?  That’s filled…as is the dresser I have in the bedroom.  Plus two plastic storage containers under the bed.  My addiction does not stop there.  I also have a shoe addiction.

And the back of the door:

I probably only wear 1/3 of these.

I also have a purse addiction but they are spread out in various places so I didn’t take a picture.

And tell me why I have so many coats when I live in Florida?


Each week I have been sorting through the clothes and compiled a bag for goodwill.  I think I have a slight hoarding problem.  Only w/ clothes and accessories though.

Matt and I are having Thai for dinner 🙂

We have been craving Pad Thai for a while but don’t want to spend money to eat out.  I get really annoyed at times by the fact that EVERYTHING costs so much money.  After‘s $10 a day post I have been inspired to try to budget my money as well.  I am pretty decent at saving just because I don’t have much time to spend my money but I think if I tried to budget more effectively I can save a lot more.  I especially liked her idea about getting a separate savings account for your car.  I have extremely bad flat tire karma (I get about 5-6 a year) and it’s always a stressful event.  If I put money into a savings account regularly that is specifically for my car then I’m sure the flat tire situation would be a little less stressful!

So I am kicking off the budgeting with home cooked restaurant dinners 🙂  I might even try to recreate a restaurant meal once a week and make a separate page out of it.  We shall see.

Have a great Sunday!


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Thanks for the reference! To answer your question (I’m posting it here in case my co-worker finds my blog) about where I work, I work at the University of Michigan. I work as a Student Services for one of the smaller academic programs.

ONe thing about the savings that I forgot to mention is that banks typically have a “no more than three withdrawals in a month” regulation for savings accounts, so be mindful of the start and end times of your monthly statement!

I hear you about the purse/shoe/and clothing addiction!

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