Ugh. What’s up with all of these zits????!!!

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I don’t know what the deal is.  I am not stressed, I eat very healthy, and I don’t wear makeup but I have been broken out for the past week!!!!  Friday is my birthday and I want my face to look pretty when I go out!! What gives?

So I know Megan @ tried a skin clearing challenge and it worked!  I am not going to do the same challenge because I don’t feel like buying new face products but I am going to try a different routine.

Right now I only wash my face once a day while I am in the shower.  I don’t wash it before my morning workout and I don’t wash it at night.  I am going to start washing my face at night.  Along w/ the extra wash I am going to drink 1 green monster a day. 🙂  We’ll give it a couple weeks and see how it goes.

Today I went to a spinning class that our University gym offers to students for free!  The freebies are definitely a perk of paying tuition.  They also offer Pilates, yoga, and a body sculpt class.  I am not too interested in the Pilates or yoga but I do want to try the body sculpt!

The class was pretty good (1 hr long) and now my booty is so sore!  I am probably going to make it a habit to do once a week but I would rather run or do the elliptical.

I am undecided at the moment about running a 5 mile race in the middle of May. I know I can run 5 miles but I will only run it if I can keep a sub 10min/mile pace.

Speeking of race:  here is my finish line photo from the Iron Girl!


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Do you know what your skin type is (oily, combo, dry, sensitive)? Washing your face at night is definitely a good idea! I know that when I forget to for a night or two, I break out . .and bad!

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