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It’s THAT time of the semester… again

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Next week is that semester that drives most college students to binge drinking… That’s right, it’s finals week!  I have a presentation on Thursday, have to completely clean the other apartment and turn the keys in by Friday, have one final next Tuesday and one Thursday.  Then…..I am done for the semester.  However, the celebration won’t last for long because I start my internship the following Monday.

How do you survive finals week?  I have to admit, in undergrad when I was taking 18 credit hours a semester, finals week was a lot more stressful.  Now it’s not too bad.

Here is how I survive:

Plenty of caffeine

Exercise to relieve stress..and possibly some of that caffine

Yummy snacks

This thing:

And plenty of procrastination.  Right now being a prime example 🙂

Good luck to those of you taking finals! Don’t forget to throw in some exercise, drink plenty of water, and take a few minutes to breathe!

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Mi Casa

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We had a great moving day with gorgeous weather.

Here are some pics of the new place 🙂

As you can see, we still have a lot to put away.  We also have some work to the back yard to do.   I want to plan flowers all along the stepping stones as well as a little flower garden in one of the corners.

Today I made a PDR (Personal Distance Record). I ran 8 miles!!!! Average pace of 11:01.  Not too shabby considering the longest I have gone before that is 5 miles :).  I’m not sore yet but I am still taking it easy in case the soreness wants to creep up on me later.

Welp back to unpacking!

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Tomorrow is moving day. YAY

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Speed work was good.  Man, it’s so hard to sprint!  I did 4xs 200 then 3×400.  I can do the 200s at a 6:50 pace.  400s were a little slower.  I got up today and did a 2 mile run.  I was struggling to maintain a 9:30 pace.  I got really frustrated and down on myself then my friend reminded me that it was the third workout in less than 3o hours.  I felt a little better knowing that.

I’m curious to see how well speed work actually works.  I’ve read up on it and learned that it’s only needed once a week.  I figure I will stick with it for a couple of months along w/ a tempo run once a week and a couple of regular runs to see how my pace improves.

We are moving tomorrow!!! I can’t wait! The apt has been a wreck with all the boxes and bare shelves.

The mess even has Alfy depressed.

Fang, however, doesn’t care as long as he can find something to rip the foam out of and eat.

Look at my 6 ft tall cactus!  This is one item we will definitely have to use the moving truck for.

Welp, I’m off like a prom dress.  I am meeting a study group on this gorgeous Friday afternoon.  I know all of you are jealous about that.  Then I am going to pick up the keys!!!! I will post pics of the new place soon!

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My first official speed work session

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This week has been busy!  I finished a 30 page paper, took a quiz, finished the power point to go along w/ the paper, finished another power point, and packed.

Yesterday I went to spin class and did some weights.  I am feeling the lunges today.  Today I went to spin again because a friend wanted to try out the class.  Later we are going to a high school to do some speed work on the track.  This will be my first official speed work session.  I have done sprints and tempo runs but they weren’t timed.  I am going to run the Women’s Running half marathon in St. Pete in November but I want to rock it so I will be starting my training now..  Yes, it’s insane. I know.

Food has been pretty lame this week.  Pretty much just eating the same thing everyday…

We get the keys to our house tomorrow!!!! We will be moving tomorrow evening and all day saturday.  Right now I am on the third floor (no elevator) so the move should be quite the workout!

Sunday I have plans to do a 10 mile run with a friend.  This will be my longest distance to date 🙂 I can’t wait!

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Running in the rain

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Yesterday was a beautiful day… until my friend Stephanie and I hit the very beginning of the trail we were going to run on and it started pouring.  We decided to be hardcore and run in the rain.  And we did…5 miles in the pouring rain.

Notice the wet saggy shirt.  I can’t say I hated it.  The rain kept us cool while running and I felt good through the whole thing.

We did 5 miles in exactly 50:00 minutes.

After I got home I feasted on a smoothie.

Made with soy milk and mixed frozen fruit.

I think today I am going to rest.  My knee is a little sore from the run yesterday.

I started my morning off with this:

egg sandwich.

I have a quiz today and I’m working on the finishing touches for 2 power point presentations. I hate presenting. I get so nervous.

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My name is Courtney and I am addicted to clothes.

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Hello Everyone!

It’s a dreary, rainy day here in Tampa which means no run for me :(.

I might go to the fitness center in the apartment complex later.  I feel like a total bum because I haven’t had any physical activity since Thursday.  😦

For lunch I had the spicy black bean burger from Morningstar.

I added sundried tomatoes, spinach, and a little ketchup and put it all on a whole wheat sandwich thin.  Delishhh

Matt and I have been trying to budget wisely for the past few weeks to ensure a comfortable, relaxed move into our new place.  We are moving in less than a week and have to pack sooo much more.  The good thing is we have a week overlapping our move in date and the move out date of this apartment so if we don’t get everything moved on Saturday when we will have the Budget truck at least we can still move during the week next week, too. While preparing for the move I have decided that I have a serious problem.  I am a hardcore clothes addict. Here is a peak into my walk-in closet.

That’s not all

See that chest of drawers back there?  That’s filled…as is the dresser I have in the bedroom.  Plus two plastic storage containers under the bed.  My addiction does not stop there.  I also have a shoe addiction.

And the back of the door:

I probably only wear 1/3 of these.

I also have a purse addiction but they are spread out in various places so I didn’t take a picture.

And tell me why I have so many coats when I live in Florida?


Each week I have been sorting through the clothes and compiled a bag for goodwill.  I think I have a slight hoarding problem.  Only w/ clothes and accessories though.

Matt and I are having Thai for dinner 🙂

We have been craving Pad Thai for a while but don’t want to spend money to eat out.  I get really annoyed at times by the fact that EVERYTHING costs so much money.  After‘s $10 a day post I have been inspired to try to budget my money as well.  I am pretty decent at saving just because I don’t have much time to spend my money but I think if I tried to budget more effectively I can save a lot more.  I especially liked her idea about getting a separate savings account for your car.  I have extremely bad flat tire karma (I get about 5-6 a year) and it’s always a stressful event.  If I put money into a savings account regularly that is specifically for my car then I’m sure the flat tire situation would be a little less stressful!

So I am kicking off the budgeting with home cooked restaurant dinners 🙂  I might even try to recreate a restaurant meal once a week and make a separate page out of it.  We shall see.

Have a great Sunday!

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Yesterday was…

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My Birthday!!!

It was also my rest day.  On Thursday I did a 30 minute elliptical session followed by weights.  A little later I did a 5 mile run.

So I spent the day yesterday playing with the pups, packing, and doing some school stuff.

They were having a hardcore round of tug-of-war going on.

When Matt got off of work we went to Olive Garden 🙂

I had a glass of Moscato. So good. I also had 2 bread sticks, salad, and the whole portion of chicken alfredo which probably ended up being close to 2,000 calories! Yikes.

Matt had the beef short ribs and said it gave him a foodgasm.

After I went shopping for a new dress so I could hit Improv in style.

The main comedian was ok but the opening act was hilarious.

I’m off to get stuff done. You know you’re a grad student when you spend your birthday weekend editing a power point and working on a 30 page paper!

I’ve pretty much taken over the entire dining room table.  I don’t know why/how that dayquil got there. I am not sick.

I have decided to dual concentrate in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.  I was going over the course work I needed to finish in epi and realized that I only have a couple more classes to take but I am forced to stay until next spring because that’s the only time one of the classes is offered. So I decided that if I am going to have to be here anyways why not take the 4 extra classes to get dual concentrated?  It will make for a very, very busy summer but this fall and next spring shouldn’t be too bad.

Have you ever worked extra hard without really realizing the benefits until later?  In undergrad I took between 15-18 credit hours a semester and realized after my second year that I would be able to graduate a semester early!  It was really helpful because I worked A LOT during the semester I had free before grad school and saved up a decent amount of money.

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Ugh. What’s up with all of these zits????!!!

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I don’t know what the deal is.  I am not stressed, I eat very healthy, and I don’t wear makeup but I have been broken out for the past week!!!!  Friday is my birthday and I want my face to look pretty when I go out!! What gives?

So I know Megan @ tried a skin clearing challenge and it worked!  I am not going to do the same challenge because I don’t feel like buying new face products but I am going to try a different routine.

Right now I only wash my face once a day while I am in the shower.  I don’t wash it before my morning workout and I don’t wash it at night.  I am going to start washing my face at night.  Along w/ the extra wash I am going to drink 1 green monster a day. 🙂  We’ll give it a couple weeks and see how it goes.

Today I went to a spinning class that our University gym offers to students for free!  The freebies are definitely a perk of paying tuition.  They also offer Pilates, yoga, and a body sculpt class.  I am not too interested in the Pilates or yoga but I do want to try the body sculpt!

The class was pretty good (1 hr long) and now my booty is so sore!  I am probably going to make it a habit to do once a week but I would rather run or do the elliptical.

I am undecided at the moment about running a 5 mile race in the middle of May. I know I can run 5 miles but I will only run it if I can keep a sub 10min/mile pace.

Speeking of race:  here is my finish line photo from the Iron Girl!

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Reached my goal and surpassed it!

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Today I ran my first 5k ever!!!

I did it in 28:10.  My goal was to do it in under 30!

My next goal is to up my distance.  Disney is having a nighttime half marathon in October that I really want to do!  I think running at night through the parks will be awesome.

After the race my friend and I (my friend ran the 15k by the way!) decided to relax on the beach since we were already there.

I am off to shower and get ready for sweet tomatoes w/ my hunny!

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Sorry about the MIA recently.  I am trying to make my blog look a little better and learn how to navigate through my settings.

I have also been trying to pack since I am moving in a couple of weeks.  Did I mention that I HATE the moving process?

Not to mention having to watch this thing 24/7.  Does anyone know when puppies quit teething?

I have my first 5k tomorrow!!! My goal is to finish in under 30 minutes.  I am running the Aflac Iron Girl in Clearwater.  Is anyone else going to be there?  I am going with a friend who is running the 15k!

I’ve already picked out what I am going to wear.  LOL. How lame is that?

If you’re going to be there please let me know!  I want to network with people in the area and make new friends, especially those who enjoy running!

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